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Established in 1895 by an Italian shoemaker, Berluti today offers a wide range of apparel, shoes, and accessories. Berluti is noted for its traditional craftsmanship with exceptional finishes produced using a variety of leather, including kangaroo leather and alligator skin. Its innovative designs and detailed finishes have earned the brand a dedicated global fan following. The Berluti collection features a range of luxury products in subtle colors and vintage fits, tailored with a combination of elegance and ease, making it a great addition to any wardrobe. Browse through Neiman Marcus for an excellent assortment of Berluti briefcases, belts, and more.

Since 1895, Berluti has cultivated its own unique style by bringing together audacity, fantasy and classicism. Expertise in shape, leather patinas, fabric selection and precision of cut are the signatures of the ideal male wardrobe.
Berluti (Berluti Outlet) Has a long history of shoe-making skills, patented Venezia leather and Patina ancient dyeing process. The brand combines French innovative design with Italian-quality leather to provide gentlemen with a full line of ingenuity that stretches from the original men's footwear to leather goods, garments, accessories and more. In addition to the finished product line, Berluti.Com offers Bespoke service, which is tailor-made for men's wear, with elegant, concise, comfortable and practical all-in-one accessories for men.
Berluti is slowly but steadily becoming a real household name that stands for luxury and class. Being a brand with long lasting tradition and distinctive craftsmanship, it’s only logical this brand is close to any man who appreciates quality and timeless design. From Berluti history we already learned how this company developed into a fashion empire, what’s its signature style and who influenced its iconic designs.